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Françoise Bergaglia was born in 1964 in the suburbs of Paris, at a time when "suburb" only meant "city on the outskirts more or less close to Paris" ... She spent a very quiet and cloudless childhood and adolescence there. She obtained her bachelor's degree in literature in 1982, and took courses in Modern Letters at the Sorbonne, before moving to Human Resources.

She began her career in a Franco-German multinational company, as a recruitment officer for technical and scientific profiles. Four years later she became a consultant in a firm specialising in the recruitment of high-tech profiles. Although her affinity for literature and the arts has never left her, she is passionate about the trades... After high-tech recruitment, the crisis of the 1990s led her to take an interest in professional mobility and career issues in a wide variety of sectors - mass distribution, the pharmaceutical industry, the automotive sector, banking and insurance, etc...
After 10 years of professional practice, she decided to go back to high-school to give herself time for analysis and prepared a DESS (post-graduate diploma) in Human Resources Management at Sup de Co Paris. At the end of this course, she joined an independent consultancy firm in Human Resources, Management and Training. For 6 years, she took part in large-scale missions for the public sector (ministries, hospitals, local authorities) to optimise management policies for men and women in large organisations.
During this period, she published, with Joëlle Delair, a book* devoted to the collective dimension
in companies, noting the growing drift towards the "coronation of the individual"...

In 2005, after 20 years devoted to HR and Management consulting for large private and public organisations, she created her own business to support SMEs and VSEs, focusing on companies in the arts and crafts sector. This orientation gave birth in 2010 to a book dedicated to "Bel Ouvrage "** telling the stories and portraits of craftsmen, thus paying tribute to the value of the word "work" in what it can carry of enthusiasm and beauty. She continues her activity as a writer, most often at the service of professionals in the art trades in the context of articles presenting their activity or their career path; in 2019, the Master of Art in cut crystal, Franck Benito, entrusted her with writing the history of the company over three generations: "Cristal Benito, une Histoire de Taille"  (Cristal Benito, a great story : family, company and art of cut crystal) . She also conducts interviews with singular personalities which she publishes on her website (Les Entretiens), and writes personal texts to which she  associates
sometimes other artists and illustrators.

At the same time, since the end of the 1990s, she renewed her practice of modelling and the exploration of ceramics.  She creates bas-reliefs, sometimes large in size, by playing on the composition of shapes and decorations.

INTERRACOTTA, a line of interior decoration in terracotta, was born in 2014, at the crossroads of her knowledge of the world of crafts and 15 years of working with clay.
Today, the will is to continue to lead and cross these three activities - consulting, writing and ceramic creation - having decided not to give up anything in this world that constantly forces you to choose... The only drawback is that you only have 24 hours a day for this, but that's the lesser evil!
Françoise Bergaglia lives in Paris. She is the mother of two children.

* "L'esprit de la dimension collective, les chemins de la reconquête" - Ed° d'Organisation. 2002
** "le bel ouvrage, récits et portraits d'artisans" - Ed° Pascal Galodé Editeurs. 2010