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Françoise Bergaglia is born in 1964 in Parisian suburb, time in which "suburb" means only   " city in periphery more or less close to Paris " … She spends a very quiet and cloudless childhood and an adolescence there.

Graduate in literature in 1982, she attends class in Contemporary literature in the Sorbonne, before turning to the Human resources.

She begins her career in a multinational company, as recruitment specialist of technical and scientific profiles, for 4 years later to become consultant in a office specialized in the recruitment of profiles in high technology. If her liking for the literature and the arts has never left her, she developes a real passion for the trades… After the recruitment " high tech ", the crisis of the 90s drives her to be interested in the professional mobility and in the problems of the career for highly varied business sectors - mass-market retailing, pharmaceutical industry, utomotive sector, banks and insurances etc.;

After 10 years of professional practice, she decides to resume her studies to agree the time of the analysis and prepares a MASTER DEGREE to ESCP in Management of Human resources. At the conclusion of this course she joins an independent office from Human resources, Management and Training. During 6 years, she will participate in large-scale missions for the public sector (ministries, hospitals, regions ) to optimize the politics of human management in the big organizations.

In this period, she publishes with Joëlle Delair,  a book(1) dedicated to the collective dimension in the labor organizations , noticing the increasing drift " of the coronation of the individual " in companies …

IIn 2005 she creates her own activity of support small and medium sized enterprises, by privileging companies connected  to the arts, crafts and the creation. This orientation will give birth in 2010 to a new book dedicated to craftsmen and the beautiful work (2), paying tribute in the value of the word "work" in what he can carry of enthusiasm and beauty. In 2019, Franck Benito Art Craft Master in cut crystal, commissioned her to write the history of the company Cristal Benito over three generations (3).

She continues her writing's activity, mostly to serve professionals of arts and crafts to promote or explain their activities ; she also realizes interviews of singular personalities published on her web site (les Entretiens), and writes  some personal stories,sometimes with the complicity of illustrators or photographers.
Since 1990, in parallel with these activities, she practice the modelling of the clay.

In 2014, she creates her first line of decoration in terracotta : INTERRACOTTA
Today, the will  is to continue to manage these three activities  together - consulting, writing and ceramic creations - having decided to give up nothing in this world which obliges you permanently to choose... The only inconvenience is to have no more than 24 hours a day, but it's the lesser evil !

 Françoise Bergaglia lives in Paris. She is a mother of two children.

[1] « L’esprit de la dimension collective, les chemins de la reconquête » – Ed° d’Organisation. 2002
[2] "le bel ouvrage, récits et portraits d'artisans" - Ed° Pascal Galodé Editeurs. 2010
[3] "Cristal Benito une Histoire de Taille" - Franck Benito 2019 ( Translation in English : "Cristal Benito, a great story ! Family, company and art of cut crystal ")



[1] « L’esprit de la dimension collective, les chemins de la reconquête » – Ed° d’Organisation. 2002
[2] "le bel ouvrage, récits et portraits d'artisans" - Ed° Pascal Galodé Editeurs. 2010